On Sunday, 23rd of November, the drummer of the famous boy band group, CN BLUE, had a first-ever local fan meet in Sunshine City Plaza, Ma On Shan, organized by the SMILES Production. 

Kang Min-Hyuk is also locally famous due to his role of ‘Yoon Chan-Young’, a top-of-class high school student, in the popular Korean drama, ‘The Heirs’, also starring Kim Woo-Bin, Lee Min-Ho, and Park Shin-Hye.

Upon his arrival on the stage, he managed to say some basic Cantonese phrases to his fans, such as “Hello” and “I love you Hong Kong”, which led his fans to scream louder. 

“Thank you for coming” Min-Hyuk said, “it feels completely different to be here on my own today, I hope the members (of CN BLUE) were here with me.” 

He also told his fans about how nervous he is to have his first-ever fan meet on his own in Hong Kong, but he feels happy to be receiving so much warm support from his local fans. 

When asked about his usual schedule in Christmas, he replied that he usually spends it with other members, either going out for a movie or a nice dinner. For this year, he believes he will have a great warm Christmas because of all the love he received from Hong Kong.

The star couldn’t help but to sweat—literally—due to the heat of the atmosphere, the shopping mall was undoubtedly packed with his fans from all type of nationalities and age-range. 

Min-Hyuk also told his fans that he doesn’t usually receive special Christmas gifts, and that CN BLUE usually does Christmas concerts on the day, which makes it the special Christmas gift for him, personally. 

The drummer also played many games with his fans, and gave hearty hugs to those who have participated. The fan meeting concluded with a press conference followed by a signing event. See below for a translated transcript of his interview during the press conference:
Q (MC): How many times have you been to Hong Kong? How do you feel about Hong Kong?
A (Kang Min-Hyuk): I have been in Hong Kong many times for concerts and showcases. In fact, I already came to Hong Kong once this year for the <Can’t Stop> Tour. I always feel strong sense of passion from our Hong Kong fans, and even today the heated atmosphere due to our fan’s enthusiasm made me literally sweat as if I have just finished a performance.

Q: You have been to Hong Kong many times, is there a place where you would like to visit in particular in Hong Kong?
A: I would love to go Soho sometime. I like small antique-looking interior design products, and I’ve heard there is a street that sells antique furniture in Soho, so I’d like to visit there for shopping.

Q: How about a particular food that you would like to try in Hong Kong?
A: I already had this for lunch, but dimsum and egg tarts are really good here in Hong Kong. Egg tarts in Hong Kong are really smooth. I’ve also tried mango pudding, and it was really good as well. 
Q: Is there a specific role that you would like to try for acting?
A: I hope to play various different roles because I am still young. But I don’t have a preference of specific role right now, so I just want to adventure in different roles as time comes. 
Q: Since you are here when Christmas is just around the corner, do you see any difference between Christmases in Hong Kong and Korea?
A: I have never been in Hong Kong for Christmas, but in Korea people usually spend it with their loved ones. I probably have to come to Hong Kong for Christmas in order to really answer the question. 
Q: You should come back in another month then it’ll be Christmas.
A: I don’t know if I can say this, but my family is coming to visit Hong Kong this time.
Q: With whom and how would you like to spend this Christmas?
A: I think Christmas is meant to be warm, so I would like to spend it with my family or my fans. But it feels like I am already spending a great Christmas here.
Q: How are your Hong Kong fans’ impressions to you?
A: They are all lovely, passionate, and have a great sense of fashion. 

Q: When is your next album release and concert schedule?
A: The members are already writing new songs, and if good songs are made then we are probably going to release it sometime next year. Nothing is confirmed at this moment though, but we are working hard to repay the love and support we received from our latest album, <Can’t Stop>, so please stay tuned with us until the next album. There is no concert schedule that is confirmed at the moment as well.
Q: Are you thinking of bringing back any presents to Korea for the other members?
A: I want to bring egg tarts for them, but it tastes better when it is warm, so maybe I need to find another option. Do you have any suggestion?
Q: What about mango pudding?
A: Sounds good. I might actually bring that back. 
Q: Do you have any unforgettable experience during concert?
A: We always have unforgettable experience in every performance we do because of our fans. Although it wasn’t a performance, today’s Christmas event is also going to be an unforgettable experience for me.
Q: You spoke Cantonese earlier, are you thinking of continuing to study Cantonese or Chinese?
A: I am still studying, I tried to speak some Cantonese earlier, but my goal is to show off my Chinese skills in our next concert. They say my accent is good, but I will have to study harder.
Q: Is there any specific Christmas present you would like to receive?
A: I have gotten it already today [laughs]. 

Reported by Ana Han
Photographs from Shelley Lau
Check out below for exclusive video clips of Min-Hyuk speaking in Cantonese: