Akdong Musician reveals the reason why they put the 'no plastic surgery' term into their contract with YG Entertainment.

SBS's 'Healing Camp' will broadcast a winter special edition with the participants from the last 3 seasons of SBS's 'K-Pop Star' today on December 29th. It will include Season 1' Park Ji Min, Lee Hi, Baek Ah Yeon, Season 2's Akdong Musician and Season 3' Bernard Park, Sam Kim, Kwon Jin Ah.

During this episode, they are going to discuss about their interest in skin management tips and diet methods, then the MC asked Akdong Musician,"I heard that you have 'no plasic surgery' term in your contract". To this, the talented siblings answered,"Our parents have always told us that they like the way we look. We also think that 70% of the reason people like us is because of our appearance".

In addition, the show will also reveal some of the photos from their 'black history' as well as presenting sweet songs. This episode will be broadcasted on December 29th at 11:15pm kst.