Gil has made an official apology once again for his drunk driving controversy in front of the audience at Leessang, Jung In, Haha and Skull' year-end joint concert 'Sum x Body'.

He appeared for the first time after 8 months on December 30th following his DUI controversy in April, which has attracted much attention. He said at the concert,"I haven't hold the mic for a long time. I'm very nervous. I thought a lot about the things I want to say when I see you again for hundreds and thousand times. I missed it. And I'm so sorry and sorry again".

He continued,"I'm so sorry towards the people who have received much hurt because of me, the 'Infinity Challenge' members who apologized on behalf of me, and the person I feel sorry the most for is Kang Gary".

Meanwhile, Leessang, Jung In, Haha and Skull will perform again for the second day of the concert later today on December 31st with Yoo Jae Suk as the special guest.