Veteran musician Yoon Sang and Infinite's Sunggyu will be singing a duet together.

According to the officials, Sunggyu featured in the song 'To Me' which was one of the tracks in Yoon Sang's new mini album 'The Duet' to be released on December 5th.

In addition, both of them are currently recording for KBS's 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' which explained why Sunggyu didn't depart for Hong Kong for '2014 MAMA' with Infinite members earlier. It was said that he will go to the airport after finishing the recording in the afternoon.

Yoon Sang was previously in charge of the production of Lovelyz's debut album and he has formed a special relationship with Sunggyu since then.

Meanwhile, Yoon Sang will hold his annual concert at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall from December 12th to 14th.