4Minute has released more teasers ahead of their upcoming comeback in February.

The group released a new teaser video on their official Youtube channel titled '4MINUTE - Coming Soon Ver.1' on January 22rd, which shows three dice rolling and ending up with their faces of numbers one, two and six in order. Many fans have been speculated that the numbers can stand for 'January 26th' and have spreaded that there will be something to be released on this day.

The fans' speculation turned out correct as later today on January 23, Cube Entertainment came out with the audio teaser of 'Cold Rain', one of the double title tracks for their upcoming comeback. The song is described as an emotional ballad composed by Son Young Jin and produced by Jo Sung Ho, and is set to be released on January 26th, which matched with the date hint in the previous video teaser.

Check out for both the audio and video teasers below