It seems like Radio Star grants Lee Hongki's wish to appear on the program.

According to broadcast officials, Lee Hongki is scheduled to participate in the 'Radio Star' recording happening on 18th that will feature 'free-spirit' guests.

Lee Hongki definitely suits this image known for being calm, cultivated and has unique attitude. Hongki is expected to bring out interesting stories on his appearance.

Meanwhile, on February 4th broadcast of 'Radio Star', Hongki made a comment regarding the statement FNC's Han Sung Ho made on who makes more profit between CNBlue and FT Island. Hongki commented, "I'm frustrated, but I'll show you calmly. Stop smoking and start dieting." He added, "Oh, I want to go on 'Radio Star' when I make a comeback too. Producer-nim, please invite me when I make a comeback."

FT Island are returning with 5th album 'I Will' on 23rd with a pre-released track on 17th.