Before the news of Henry joining We Got Married, he left a voice message telling fans that no matter what happens in the future, he will always keep fans in mind and heart and asked them not to hate on him.

However, his message left fans clueless and anxious to the point that they assumed he might leave the agency and such. Fortunately, today, Henry apologizes and clears it up.

In his latest voice message, he says,

"Good morning everybody! Ah Yeah, I'm sorry I got you guys all worried with my last post. I just didn't know how to tell you guys didn't.., you know, want you guys to be hating me and all that. But, um, yeah. I just hope you guys can support Yewon as much as you guys support me. And yeah, have a nice day everybody. I miss you guys!"

Fans are relieved and cheer on him, "There's nothing to worry about you joining. We'll support you all the way.","You don't need to apologize.","Of course we'll support you and Yewon." and more.

Meanwhile, Henry & Yeown and Jonghyun &Gong SeungYeon are the new couples of We Got Married. Their first broadcast airs on March 14. Let's support the new couples!