Kim Bum will make his return to the small screen in tvN's new drama 'Hiide Your Identity'(working title).

King Kong Entertainment announced on March 24th,"Kim Bum has been casted as Cha Kun Woo in 'Hide Your Identity'. Please look forward to Kim Bum's new challenge".

Kim Bum's role Cha Kun Woo is described as an extremely talented detective, who gets into the police academy as the top student but withdraws 2 years later to enlist in the Naval Special Warfare Bridgade(SEAL). After he was dischaged, he joins the SWAT team.

The actor said through his agency,"It's been a while since I last met my domestic fans so I'm very happy and excited. I found Cha Kun Woo as a very charming and interesting character. I'm really looking forward to working with the production crew and cast members. I will work hard during the filming".

'Hide Your Identity' will focus on the investigative team Number 5 which was especially found to actively combat crime through undercover investigations. It's scheduled to broadcast in June following 'Let's Eat 2'.