Who misses Yona? Ahn Yona? The troublemaker fangirl of the recently ended drama 'Kill Me, Heal Me'?

Actor Jisung, who acted the most number of roles all at once more than any actor could ever act, sits for an interview and talks about how his wife Lee Bo Young likes one his character Yona.

When asked about who among the 7 characters Jisung played in the drama Lee Boyoung likes the most, Jisung reveals it's Yona and shares a very interesting and amusing story.

"My wife said she missed Yona so she even went to the filming of Yona's running scene in Hongdae secretly to watch."

"There were 500-600 fans waiting for 3 hours in Hongdae street where we're going to film Yona's running scene. Although I felt embarrassed seeing many people, I thought I should focus and run. However, Lee Boyoung thought it was fun and told me "I cried because that's the best sprint I've ever seen."

Jisung also shares that he prepared for Yona's character by observing how highschool fangirls act whenever they see their idols. The Yona running in Hongdae in her uniform is very glorious. Let's relieve the moment by watching below: