On April 8th, CNBLUE's new Japanese single 'White' climbed to #2 on Oricon Single Chart, reaching the total sales volume of 19,589.

'White' is a song written by CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun and lyrics contributed by Jung Yong Hwa. The album also include a track called 'Stay sober' written by Jung Yong Hwa, and another track called 'Irony' written by Lee Jong Hyun. 

The album's title track, 'White' was pre-released through Rekochokku on April 1st and right away debuted #1 on Rekochokku Download Chart as well as HVM Japan's Korea-Asia Daily Combined Chart, showing CNBLUE's popularity in Japan.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE members are busy with their individual activities such as concert tour, variety show, drama and music show hosting.