Stage name: Sunggyu
Full Name: Kim Sung Gyu
Nickname: HamsterGyu, Grandpa
Label: Woolim entertainment
Group: Infinite
Position: Main Vocalist, Leader
Birthday: April 28, 1989
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood Type: A
Birth place: North Jeolla, South Korea
Education: Jeonju National University High School
Languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese
Twitter: @kyuzizi

- He shares a room with Woohyun and Sungyeol
- He and Woohyun didn‘t get along during their trainee days.
- He was in a band called “Beat” when he was a student at Jeonju National University High School. They placed music like Pia, Linkin Park, or Limp Bizkit.
- He has an older sister who is 5 years older.
- He is called a hamster because of the shape of his eyes.
- He is called Grandpa because he is tired all the time.
- He’s very attentive.
- He has a soft heart and can‘t stay mad for long.
- Before becoming a trainee, he wanted to pursue rock music.
- His skin is very sensitive and will break out if he wears certain metals.
- One of his biggest reasons for becoming a WOOLIM Entertainment trainee was because of Nell.
- When he has a girlfriend he wants to sing Clazziquai‘s “She Is“together with her.