A Cube has revived its 'A CUBE FOR SEASON' project with a new teaser image.

The agency revealed the teaser image on May 27th which featured two mysterious back views of one boy and one girl with a message,"'A CUBE' FOR SEASON # BLUE Season 2 Who's Next?".

'A CUBE FOR SEASON' received much love from the past thanks to its quality music coming from collaborations between Cube Entertainment artists, from Yoseob & Eunji's 'Love Day' #Green, Hyunseung - Eunji - Namjoo's 'A Year Ago' #White, Huh Gak & Eunji's 'Short Hair' #Blue to their second duet 'Break Up to Make Up' #Sky Blue.

A rep fro A Cube said,"We tried a new kind of combination for 'A CUBE FOR SEASON' and the two's mature voices came out well even though it was their first attempt. Please give lots of your interest to this project".

Who do you think are the ones in the photo above?