B1A4's Baro and actress Kim Yoo Jung were spotted on air watching  “2015 Suwon JS Cup U-18” together. The two were almost embroiled to a dating rumor but their respective agencies are quick to explain the situation.

According to Baro's agency, Kim Yoo Jung invited the cast of 'Angry Mom' to watch the game altogether, including Baro. However, others had conflicting schedules expect Baro who was able to be available that time and came because he likes soccer.

On the other hand, Yoo Jung's agency explained that aside from her and Baro, actress Seo Shin Ae was also there but only the two of them were captured during the live broadcast triggering dating rumors. An authentication photo of the three of them was posted to stop the malicious rumor.

It's fortunate that it's cleared up quickly. Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung and Baro are both starring in MBC drama 'Angry Mom'.