BEAST successfully held their first-ever solo concert in Hong Kong, “Beautiful Show 2015”, last Saturday, 30thof May, at the AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, co-organized by Sun Entertainment and Jacso Entertainment.
With 7000 seats filled with ‘Beauties”, their fans, members of BEAST showed off their long-anticipated performances, which included their hit songs such as “12:30”, “On Rainy Days”, and “Fiction” (rest of the set-list is provided below).

The arena was heated with excitement as each member performed solo stage, interacting closely with their fans on the 360-degree designed stage.
Thousands of fans hosted a surprise event for Dongwoon’s birthday by holding up ‘happy birthday’ signs together. Other members of BEAST also secretly prepared a three-layered cake to celebrate his soon-approaching birthday in Hong Kong.
BEAST expressed their gratitude for their Hong Kong fans, and regretted that they have not visited sooner. They also made efforts to speak short Cantonese phrases throughout the concert, each time cheered loudly by their local fans.

During the show, members gave out roses and small bouncy balls as souvenirs to the audiences. Members also took phones from their fans in standing zone to take ‘selfies’ of themselves, giving the fans an unforgettable experience.
At the end of the concert, BEAST promised to return to the city more often to meet with their fans. They also thanked the ‘beauties’ for their continuous support for the last 7 years of co-written history. 

Next stop for their tour is on 6thof June in Taiwan, after 3-years of long wait. All the Taiwanese fans might want to pay attention to the below set-list of “Beautiful Show 2015” to fully enjoy their experience:
1) Good Luck 2) Shadow 3) Special 4) We Up 5) Dance with U 6) On Rainy Day 7) Midnight (acoustic) 8) 12:30 9) Hyunseung’s solo – The Girl Who Wants to Play 10) Gikwang’s solo – Deuces, All back  + Dance 11) Junhyung’s solo – Flower (concert ver.) + Slow 12) Dongwoon, Yoseob & Dujun’s group perf. – Caffeine + When the Door Closes 13) Wasn’t Me 14) History15) Sad Movie 16) Fiction 17) Shock 18) Freeze 19) How to Love 20) Beautiful Night 21) Encore

Reported by Ana and Rin
Photographed by Jacso
[Fancam playlist]