Crayon Pop's Geummi will be joining the cast of upcoming web drama '28 Moons'.

Geummi will be playing as the second female lead, paired with second lead actor Kang Tae Hwan. SS501's Kim Kyu Jong and actress Yang Jin Sung will be starring as the lead roles.

'28 Moon' will tell the story about man who couldn't forget his fiancee's death before the wedding day. Kim Kyu Jong will play as Kang Woo while Yang Jin Sung will play double roles: Kang Woo's finacee Wol Ha and Joo Hye, his new love after his fiancee's death. Geummi will take the role of a woman who's had a crush on Kang Tae Hwan's character since her school days.

The web drama will run for 8 episodes around 10 minutes each. It will be aired online in China and Japan in August, and then air on TV in Korea in the fall.