Victoria has officially spoken up against her recent departure rumours from f(x).

On June 9th, Victoria attended the press conference for her Chinese drama 'Beautiful Secret' when she was flooded with questions regarding the rumours of her terminating contract with SM Entertainment as well as her personal workshop in China.

Victoria said,"I didn't know how the rumours came out, but I have never thought about terminating the contract with my company","The company discovered me and trained me. As a foreigner working alone in Korea, the staff have been taking good care of me so I'm very grateful to the company"

In regard of her own workshop in China, Victoria responsed,"I'm currently preparing for it and soon will establish my own team. The company is also very supportive of me going back to China to develope my career. I will take good care of both my Korean and Chinese activities in the future. I hope that everyone will give me a lot of your support".

Meanwhile, Victoria will soon join the filming of 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Chinese remake.