HOTSHOT will make their July comeback with repackaged album 'I'm A HOTSHOT'.

'I'm A HOTSHOT' will be the repackaged album of their 1st mini album 'Am I Hotshot?' released in April last year. The album is said to be the reply to the previous one as well as serving as a reward to all the fans who have been supporting the group.

Aside from 'Midnight Sun', 'Watch Out', 'Rain On Me' and 'Take A Shot', the album will include the new title track 'I'm A HOTSHOT'.

HOTSHOT stated,"We put in a lot of effort to change everything anew. HOTSHOT will show our own charm with a strong rearmanent. Please look forward to it a lot.

'I'm A HOTSHOT' will be available through various online music sites at noon on July 2nd.