The very first still cuts of 'Real Man' newest recruit, Infinite Sungjong, have been released.

The the photos, Sungjong is looking tough and serious wearing army uniform while giving salute. We can also see the basic training he has to receive like push-ups and more. In addition to that, Sungjong also handwrote a letter for his hyungs which said, "Hyungs don't mess with me because I'm a senior."

He is wittily referring to his position from being a maknae and now a proud soldier in training upon joining 'Real Man'. He also told them that he's coming back after training hard and will tell his first hyungs all the things he felt and experienced. He ended his letter with a sweet promise "Even if it takes 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or 100 years, let's be together always. I love you members."

Such a sweet maknae (turned senior?)! His hyungs must be proud. Meanwhile, the first episode of 'Real Man' with Sungjong airs on June 28 at 6:15PM (KST).