Nam Goong Min will take his first challenge as a director with upcoming movie 'Light My Fire'.

On June 30th, 935 Entertainment revealed some of the stills of Nam Goong Min on the filming set of 'Light My Fire. The photos show Nam Goong Min carefully monitoring the scenes as well as discussing the concept with the staff and the actors, showing his dedicated charm. He's also said to calm everyone at the site with his warm smiles.

Nam Goong Min said,"I started this work with a scenario I had in mind for a while, believing that it will make a good movie. I hope everyone will support me a lot".

'Light My Fire' is a detective thriller, focusing on detective Han unveiling the secrets behind a criminal case. The cast includes Oh Jung Se, Yang Joo Ho, Lee Dong Hwi, Park Jin Joo, Jung In Ki, Hwang Yeon Hee all agreed to star in the movie thanks to their friendship with Nam Goong Min.

The movie will be submitting to many film festivals next year.