Epik High's Mithra Jin and actress Kwon Dahyun are tying the knot soon!

The surprise announcement is made today through  MBC FM4U Tablo's Dreaming Radio from Mithra Jin himself who appeared on the program. He said, "I have a very good news today. Finally, I'm getting married. It would take place in early October. I want you guys to be the first to hear this news. It would be great if many people congratulate us."

Moreover, Kwon Dahyun shares for the very first time a couple selca seemed to be taken from their trip. The two are looking lovely together with the sea on their background. According to news reports, Mithra Jin and girlfriend Kwon Dahyun are getting married in early October.

Just December last year, Mithra Jin and the actress' relationship was made public and the Epik High member revealed that they have been dating for two years.

Best wishes!