BangTan Boys, or other wise also known as BTS, wrapped up their world tour “Episode II The Red Bullet” with a grand finale in Hong Kong last Saturday, 29th of August. The show was held in AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, co-organized by Sun Entertainment and Genea and Jacso Entertainment.

With thousands of seats filled with “Armies”, their fans, members of BTS (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) presented their much anticipated performances, displaying fantastic showmanship throughout the entire show, and also showering fans with fan-service. All of BTS members spoke in English throughout the concert, allowing a direct communication between the stars and their fans. They also tried to draw close to their fans by attempting to speak in few Cantonese phrases, which did pump the crowd up. 

The arena was filled with excitement as BTS split into two groups to perform ballad and hiphop, in which they showcased very different charms to their audience. BTS also played “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, where the loser (Suga) was requested to demonstrate aegyo (cuteness). The members played and teased each other on stage, which was a scene that would bring smiles on anyone who would be watching, showing how closely bonded they are as a group.

This finale marks the 25th concert BTS has ever performed, and towards the end they said that they look forward to writing more histories with their fans in Hong Kong.

Check out our exclusive video of BTS which includes snippets of their world tour’s finale:

Reported by Ana Han, Nawoo Kim