JYJ's Yoochun gladly left for army enlistment today and is quietly admitted to his training camp.

Fans are very overwhelmed on how Yoochun addressed his farewell letter for them treating them as his long-time friends as he dropped honorifics in his writing.

For the first part of his letter, Yoochun expressed that enlisting hasn't sunken into him yet and that he is more willing to talk about the things he is grateful for rather than sharing what his regrets. He also thanks fans for everything and that his heart undestands the connection between them.

Most importantly, he answers some of fans' questions. He reveals that he could have been lyricist or writer if he hadn't been a singer and also aspires to do a film with Kyung Gu once he finish his service because he looks up to him. Yoochun is going to miss his father the most. He asks fans to be healthy and happy while he's gone to the army.

Before he ends his letter, he mentions how proud he is for Jaejoong and cheers on Junsu who will be left alone and reminds him to be strong. Lastly, he once again thanks fans for seeing him off a day before his enlistment and expresses that he's excited to see them again in his more mature image.