In the world of showbiz, it's hard to find a best friend you know you can comfortably lean on especially when things get hard. Moreover, it's more difficult to keep a friend you barely see when your schedule is tight. The hardest is when you know you both have started together aiming the same dream but have eventually separated and now living on the opposite sides.

However, SNSD's Seohyun and Lee Hwanhee, a former SM trainee, defy all of that. On their instagram updates yesterday, the two boast their third friendship ring exchanging sweet messages as they celebrate their long-lasting friendship.

Hwanhee wrote,

"Our 3rd friendship ring~~~ ddak! this is our style~! Do not lose our cute friendship ring hihi❤️ my depressed mood has completely healed because of you jjang jjang it's fun and exciting~~~ thank you very much..! i'll get a good night sleep thanks to you! thank youuu, don't change for our friendship! i love you~~~~~~ @seojuhyun_s #friend #friendship #friendshipring #dontchange #SeoJoohyun #LeeHwanHee #S #H"

and sweet Seohyun responded to this,

"#Hwanhee ♡ #Joohyun's friendship ring~ㅎㅎ always by my side and not changing. because you've been strong on my side, thank you very much.. me too i love you so so much♡"

Such an adorable friendship keeping it tighter despite so much difference on their career. Seohyun and Hwanhee prove that you don't need to be always together to keep your friendship. Don't lose your wonderful friendship girls! Such an inspiration!