It's unstoppable. It's undeniable. The best bromance couple award definitely goes to G-Dragon & Hyung Don!

G-Dragon and Hyung Don have met once again in the recent episode of "Please Take Care of my Refrigerator". Aside from G-Dragon, Taeyang also came as a guest. What fans have been excited for this episode is the next interaction between the bromance couple and they didn't disappoint.

They must have missed each other so much that they greeted each other in the form of piggyback as soon as the two saw each other. It's such a natural greeting for G-Dragon and Hyung Don. Isn't it? Not to mention our snoobish Hyung Don only gives such piggyback service to GD and the latter is so happy about it. Well at least that's what his flashy smile says. Can I also mention that G-Dragon introduced himself especially as "Hyung Don's man from the past"?

However, G-Dragon plays his card and expressed that the reason he came to the show was because it's fun wittily denying that he came because of Hyung Don's personal invitation. (You know the truth guys!)

They know how to tease each other! Watch their cute bickering and sweet moments below: