CHINA- Sunday. September 27.

It might be an ordinary busy day for some, especially for those who are hoping to grab a seat in a busy subway. But it's a very special day, along with the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival, for a teenage boy who must be very nervous, as he is about to do a very unconventional act.

Photos taken inside a subway in China are making their rounds on various SNS platforms and the response is overwhelming. The scene captured in the photos was the remarkable day for this Chinese boy, because this was the moment he proposed. However, it's not your usual boy-girl sweet and romantic proposal because his partner is not of an opposite sex.

It needs courage, confidence and of course love, for this boy to kneel in front of his boyfriend, amidst many spectators before he pulled out a tiny box. According to a witness, the boyfriend, despite stunned for a brief moment, eventually said yes and put on the watch from the tiny box.

The couple hugged and cheered on by the commuters on the scene. With the photos published online (Weibo/Sina), netizens poured their blessings and wishes for the beautiful couple while it's inevitable to not come across unpleasant reaction.

Hope your love beat all odds!