APink's agency A Cube Entertainment has informed the public that they are no longer tolerating netizens who are spreading unfounded rumors and malicious comments attacking their artists, particularly the recent event involving Chorong.

On their official statement, the agency reiterates, "We have been receiving malicious comments and sexual remarks against our artist and we are going to take legal action to those internet users who are spreading it. We are now in the process of consolidating evidences from the internet and we ask people to send us tips."

They add, "The false information is getting serious and it's indeed an act of defamation which is damaging out artists' image and reputation. Moreover it also affects their family and friends who are hurt by these groundless accusations. This will apply to all our artists and we are going to respond strongly without leniency."

In regards to that, A Cube is implying that this does not only apply to Chorong's recent issue but also to their other artist like Huhgak and other future act of defamation.