After EXO Chanyeol boasts about his 27 years old noona on his guest appearance at today's KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show., netizens start digging information and photos of Park Yoora.

Chanyeol reveals on the radio show that his noona is an announcer in Busan and he is very proud how pretty she is. In result, curious netizens and fans start finding more information about her and found out that she is Park Yoora, an announcer in MBC Busan. In fact, her name even appeared on trending keywords on Naver.

Moreover, they also find an interesting piece of information on how announcer Park Yoora was the one who reported EXO 1 million album sales and that Baekhyun had once sat together with her on a news desk. Not only that, but Park Yoora also stars in the MV of Outsider & Rapstar "Nice Weather".

Aside from her profession, netizens also express their admiration how pretty she is just like what Chanyeol is bragging about. They comment that she can be an actress because of her beauty.

Netizens comment that they are indeed siblings who both have superior visuals and they are indeed right! See photos of Chanyeol's pretty sister Yoora below: