Some K-pop idols have received the most bizarre gifts from fans during concert and one of these are underwear. There have been some instances that international fans throw their underwear on the stage while idols are performing just to get attention.

However, most idols don't pay much attention in such embarrassing situations and we only get to know these stories when idols talk about it on shows or interviews.
Most of them expressed that they had culture shock whenever they encounter international fans like those who throw underwear, condoms, etc.

Apparently, Lee Hongki is on a different level. He seems to not have taken aback with such gesture. At a concert, a fan throws a bikini but instead of ignoring it, Hongki picks it up and even put it on his chest. Netizens crack up and comment, "Indeed it's Lee Hongki! He has sense!","To even think the underwear is yellow haha (FT Island official color)!", "He's so witty!", "Oppa you're holding it upside down!"