We often notice that most South Koreans share the same surnames like the most common ones like Park, Kim, Lee, and more and the reason can be traced from the country's history. 

However, there are some surnames that even some of them think are really unique. You might know or not that some of the popular idols out there have these unique surnames which we rarely heard of because of their stage names. 

So here are 14 male idols who are ranked based on the uniqueness of their names in the industry. Let's find out who ranks first!

14TH - iKON GOO Jun Hee

13TH Block B's Zico (real name: WOO Ji Ho)

12TH BTS Suga (real name: MIN Yoon Ki)

11TH Monsta X's CHAE Hyung Won

10TH B1A4's Gong Chan (real name: GONG Chan Shik)

9TH EXO's Baekhyun (real name: BYUN Baek Hyun)

8TH EXO's DO (real name: DO Kyung Soo)

7TH BAP's BANG Yong Gook

6TH Block B's PO (real name: PYO Ji Hoon)

5TH 2PM's Taecyeon (real name: OK Taec Yeon)

4TH BtoB's Sungjae (real name: YOOK Sung Jae)

3RD Beast's YONG Jun Hyung

2ND Seventeen's BOO Seung Kwan

1ST Big Bang's Taeyang (real name; DONG Young Bae)