Following the official reports about Kara's disbandment, there are already rumours circulating regarding the members' new agencies.

Han Seungyeon was said to have been meeting with representatives from Widmay Entertainment since the end of last year and will be promoting as an actress from here onwards. The reason for her choice is because there are staff from Widmay Entertainment who worked with her during her times as a Kara member. Hong Jong Hyun and Lee Ki Woo are also under the agency.

Meanwhile Goo Hara was reported to head to KeyEast Entertainment, house of Bae Yong Joon and Kim Soo Hyun. As she wish is to promote as a singer in Japan and an actress in Korea, she chose the agency due to their experiences in handling artists who are active at both fields. However, KeyEast Entertainment has stated that they haven't made any decision on signing with her,

DSP Media offically announced Kara's disbandment after 9 years today.