In an exclusive interview with one of JYJ Junsu closest acquaintances some interesting facts and revelations have been revealed about EXID Hani and JYJ Junsu's relationship.

Through a Q&A interview, it is revealed that Hani & Junsu have been dating for 6 months now and that they usually meet for a date twice a week because of their busy schedules. When asked about the story behind their December date, when the couple was photographed, the acquaintance shared,

"Because they are both popular singers, their date is somewhat like 007 operations. They are always accompanied by their managers. However, in December, because it's Christmas and Junsu's birthday on 15th, they met more often. Though they were still being careful their relationship is eventually exposed."

It is also revealed in the interview how Hani and Junsu met. In the summer, Hani watched Junsu's "Death Note" musical and it's their first meeting. Since then, the crush they felt towards each other developed into love.

As for their dating routines, they often eat at restaurants or stroll at parks with their managers. They meet twice a week and date just like other lovers do. Moreover, Junsu's acquaintance reveals that Hani is Junsu's first love since debut that's why the JYJ member is very cautious.

Thus, only few people from the company know about their relationship and other staff and acquaintances become aware about it when the news was published.

Source@Hwang Mi Hyun