SNSD's Taeyeon made another celebrity fangirl.

Female soloist Juniel recently reveals to fans why she only follows SNSD's Taeyeon and f(x) Krystal on instagram. Through her Ask.FM, she replied to a fan's question, "Why do you only follow Taeyeon and Krystal on Instagram?  Is it because they are pretty?"

In which she cutely replied, "I them.. (shy emoticon)". Moreover, recently she has been showering Taeyeon some love with her recent tweets and Ask.FM replies. In one question, "What is Taeyeon to you?" She replied, "Love and my life". Fans also notice that her Twitter likes are full of Taeyeon's pictures.

Fans are very amuse to her fangirling and comment, "Juniel is so cute and so sweet","Ah Taeyeon sunbae please notice Juniel.","Even her tweets are really like what we tweet.","So cute of her.","I hope you interact with Taeyeon sunbae", and more.

She also showed support on Taeyeon's latest release "Rain" and tweeted, "#Taeyon oh oh oh oh oh Taeng sunbaenim dreaming in the rain dreaming in the rain!!!! ㅠㅠ the voiceㅠㅠㅠㅠsunbaenin please take meㅠ0ㅠ today i'll just lie down here.. everyone, i think this is the farthest i can go... it's because of Taeyeon sunbaenim's kawaii-ness"

Way to go Juniel! We hope sunbae notices you!