Last month, it was rumored that model turned actress Lee Sung Kyung was dating Block B's Zico when a post revealed that they were spotted together at a furniture shop.

However, because of lack of photo evidence, the rumor died out. Nevertheless, it is brought up again when Lee Sung Kyung appears on Taxi along with her "Cheese In The Trap" co-star Seo Kang Joon.

She is asked to explain about the rumor and the actress clarifies, "It's just a story that came out between fans." She adds, "It was just last year that I became independent. I accidentally met him along the streets of Nonhyeon-dong while looking for furniture."

She also clarifies that they were not alone and that she was with a friend and the staff at the furniture store knew about it as well proving that the rumor was groundless.

She ends her explanation with, "I don't have feelings like that of towards a man to Zico."

Lee Sung Kyung indeed clarified it very well so let's hope there' no rumor about them at all.