SM Entertainment got something up their sleeves and the next SM big star is up to you!

After announcing "NCT" recently, SM Entertainment is now giving fans the power to choose and produce the SMRookies they want to debut with the concept "The Star I Made" through the first ever social producing.

Basically, fans will be able to do this using a smartphone application from SM. In a notice they put up on their Facebook page, SM wrote, "PRODUCE YOUR ROOKIE! We're looking for a producer for the world's first digital ent., SMROOKIES ENTERTAINMENT"

Fans who are up for this can become a chief producer by leveling up and be rewarded of exclusive contents from the rookies they are training. They have the opportunity to engage and be familiar with the rookie they choose and showcase their creativity and ideas that will be reflected to the rookies' actual schedules and debut.

The PD's role includes Casting, Talking, Training, Producing and Archiving. More information and details can be found on the App's description. If that's not enough, here's another reason why you need to join SM's first digital entertainment.

"The name of the producer will be mentioned on the credits of the Rookie’s debut album and will have a chance to meet the rookie in person"

So what are you waiting for? Work hard and be the chief PD of SMROOKIES ENTERTAINMENT. You can download the app HERE and HERE.