JiHyo really misses her friend Song Joong Ki and it's very obvious in their recent photo.

The Song-Song pair we first love in "Running Man" has recently met and displayed a heartwarming friendship. "Running Man" members came to Shanghai for a filming with Park Ji Sung and reunited with Song Joong Ki during the "2016 Asian Smile Cup in China".

The members are very happy to see each other but it was Jihyo in particular who tugs hearts when she throws a tight hug upon seeing Joong Ki in the soccer field. She is very thrilled to see their friend once again and seems like she really misses him a lot. Netizens comment "Her expression says she really misses her a lot"."What a heartwarming friendship.","Our Song-Song couple.","I miss Joong Ki too!"

"Running Man" members along with Park Jisung, actor Jung Ilwoo, Song Joong Ki and more played a charity game in China.