BEAST Hyunseung receives criticism for being rude and falling asleep during an interview.

A particular post on Pann has a video of BEAST doing an interview about their 5th anniversary since Japanese debut, the establishment of their independent Japanese label BEAST Music, and "Guess Who?" album. However, the boys apparently look very tired but managed to answer the host's questions until the end.

In particular, Hyunseung is pointed out falling asleep while the other members and host are talking. Netizens react that his behaviour is disrespectful not only towards the host but for other members as well, who also felt tired but tried to finish the interview.

Meanwhile, fans defend that Hyunseung also tried to avoid falling asleep as much as he can like the rest but probably really tired and wasn't able to stay awake. Watch the video below starting from 1:37 mark and tell us your opinion.