After the whirlwind of fans and media outlets demanding and an explanation and reporting the attitude controversy of Hyunseung who allegedly slacking during group's activities, the BEAST member has finally come forward to issue an apology.

Hyunseung writes his apology on their Fancafe today. First of all, Hyunseung apologizes for making fans worry due to the ill news about him lately. He then admits that everything is undeniably his fault and expresses that he's wholeheartedly reflecting and regretting his actions. He continues to apologize addressing the fans who have loved him and the group by taking the courage to express himself sincerely.

Meanwhile, aside from Hyunseung's personal apology, his agency, Cube also releases their official statement regarding the issue. The agency reveals that Hyunseung is aware of the issue from the very start and now sincerely working hard to better himself as an artist in the future to avoid similar controversy from happening.

Hopefully, this will put an end to the issue with Hyunseung's self-reflection.