Girl's Day Hyeri reveals the amusing reason why her kissing scenes with actor Park Bogum in the drama "Reply 1988" receive many takes (NGs).

Hyeri is interview on tonight's episode of KBS 2TV "Entertainment Relay" and talks about her kissing scenes. Since it's her first time acting on TV and doing kissing scene, Hyeri confesses that she felt nervous and embarrassed. 

She then proceeds by revealing that her kissing scenes as Deoksun with Taek (Park Bogum) had many NGs. "Because it's my first time so I don't know how to do it." She continues, "At first we have to do it with a pure yet lively feeling like that of a first kiss. Oppa did the kiss but his nose frequently bumped to mine," and laughs.

Does this mean Park Bogum's nose is big? Don't worry Hyeri, the kissing scenes are all sweet and romantic!