Infinite's maknae and flower boy Sungjong is being compared to AOA's Seolhyun and we're not complaining here.

Sungjong shares a selfie with Seolhyun during their stay in Tonga for "Law of The Jungle". In the photo, Sungjong and Seolhyun bare their face while wearing their jackets. However, while Seolhyun looks undeniably pretty with her hair put in a bun netizens can't resist comparing Sungjong's face to hers.

Sungjong, who is known to have a pretty face, looks radiant in the photo. His subtle yet charming smile is very attractive. Fans comment, "Seolhyun you are pretty but I go for Sungjong this time.","Both pretty.","Seolhyun looks tired and Sungjong has a good angle," and so on.

Meanwhile, aside from Sungjong and Seolhyun, "Law of the Jungle in Tonga" also includes Kim Byung Man, Lee Hoon, 2PM Chansung, and Seo Kang Joon.