One of the 'Reply 1988' characters who is loved for her strong character but warm heart, Sung Bora, played by actress Ryu Hye Young continues to captivate netizens lately.

A promotional photo of Ryu Hye Young as the new model for casual clothing  brand 'BUCKAROO' is released. Hye Young as well as Sung Hoon are the brand's models for its S/S collection. The brand's representative stated that they've selected the two rookie actors for their rising fame and their unique charms that are well-received and loved by the public.

In the photo, Ryu Hye Young is wearing casual cropped topped shirt and jeans. She gives glamorous vibe with her expression and flawless S-line which is contrary to her character in "Reply 1988". Netizens comment, "She's so attractive!","She has a great body and I'm saying this as a female.","I want to see more of her charm outside Bora.","Glamorous!" and more.

Ryu Hye Young fans can expect more charms from her in the future.