The most anticipated reality travel show "Youth Over Flowers" featuring the Ssangmundong 4 of "Reply 1988" airs its first episode tonight and viewers are falling harder to Ryu Jun Yeol's endless charms.

On tonight's episode, Ryu Jun Yeol reveals that he has been a frequest traveller and has gone to many countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, and America. He impresses his fellow actors and even the staff with his leadership skills guiding them the know-how in travelling.

Moreover, he also surprises everyone with his fluent English which is not known to majority adding another charm to him. Park Bogum even comments, "Junyeol hyung is like a mother", suggesting that Ryu Jun Yeol takes care of them, while actor Ahn Jae Hong expresses, "I think this trip is going to be 10 times harder without Junyeol."

Watch the cut below: