Actor Ryu Jun Yeol, who played Junghwan from tvN's "Reply 1988",receives his first ever acting award today.

Ryu Jun Yeol attends today's Max Movie Best Movies Awards ceremony and receives the "Rookie Actor of the Year" award for his exemplary acting in the movie "Sociaphobia".Although the film was released in 2014, his acting is well received by the public and landing a leading role in "Reply 1988" gives him a breakthrough that eventually earns him an enormous acknowledgement. 

On his thank you speech, Ryu Jun Yeol expresses that although things have becoming harder, he's very much thankful to a lot of things. He expresses his sincere grattitude to the people who have put him on his spot and to his colleagues. Lastly, he says that he will return all the glory to God.

Meanwhile, aside from Ryu Jun Yeol, EXO's D.O and Choi Woo Shik also receive the award for the male category while AOA's Seolhyun receives the same award for the female's category. Congratulations!