f(x) has finally held their first domestic concert on January 31 which was attended by their ever supporting fans who now have their fanclub name MeU.

Aside from MeUs, the successful concert was also attened by f(x) family, close friends inclusing some celebrities and more. On of them is former SNSD member Jessica who cheered and supported her sister Krystal.

Fanaccounts say that Jessica and Krystal had quite some interaction which warmed fans hearts who love the Jung Sisters. Jessica even uploaded photos of her with Krystal holding a lightstich along with sweet caption, "Great show baby! *thumbs up emoticon*" but while majority showered them with love some are not happy when they noticed f(x) member Amber behind whose face is covered with stickers.

Some comments on SNS say "She could've just leave Amber's face without covering her.","Why did she cover Amber's face?","She's still her sister's friend and co-member though". Fortunately most of f(x) fans are not taking it seriously and brush it off like, "So cute how Jessica used heart sticker for Amber.","She's considerate 'coz Amber might not want to appear of Jung Sis photos.,"It's Jung Sis photos after all.","Amber said she's scared of Jessica before lol." and more.