Veteran sunbae and respected musician Yoon Jong Shin is revealed to be collaborating with rookie idol group Seventeen for his February release as part of his Monthly Project.

The one of a kind combination suprises netizens as it's the first time Yoon Jong Shin has collaborated with an idol group and moreover rookies. According to one music insider, "Yoon Jong Shin has been interested in the growth of Seventeen and likes their songs. Seventeen has already responded positively to Yoon Jong Shin's collaboration proposal."

"Seventeen expresses that being able to work with a veteran sunbae like Yoon Jong Shin is a great honor and will surely devote their best for the recording." For this collaboration, Yoon Jong Shin picks Seventeen's vocal team which includes Woozi, DK, Seungkwan, Jeonghan and Joshua.

Meanwhile, Seventeen have received great impression as rookie idols from netizens debuting as self-producing idols and have won two rookie awards from Seoul Music Awards and Golden Disk Awards for having recorded the most albums sold for a rookie group.