YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk has revealed Akdong Musician's future plans in his recently interview with Onsen.

He said,"Akdong Musician's second album has already been completed and is planned for a release in early April. Akdong Musician's charming point is their youthful songs and lyrics right? I can clearly feel it in their daily conversations".

He continued,"Not long ago, I had a meeting with them and Lee Chan Hyuk's shocking remark is still vivid in my memory. He said,'I want to enlist in the military in early next year after finishing the promotions for this album. I'm planning to be a part of the airlift troops or the marine corps. While I'm in the army, please give our Soohyun a solo album. Please take good care of her".

According to the CEO, Lee Chan Hyuk's reason was,"I think I can come up with great lyrics while adapting to the tough military life in a new enviroment". He also stated that the young musician is still consistent with his decision even after months later.

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