EXO-Ls are quite suspicious these days about Chanyeol following a beautiful model and internet sensation Lily Maymac, 21 years old. Some even claim that Chanyeol and Lily followed each other then unfollowed afterwards making it even more of a concern to fans.

To straighten out speculations regarding the rumor among fans that he is dating the model, Chanyeol clarifies the issue on his instagram. He posts his statement on the comment section that reads,

"Although I have no idea where these strange rumors came from I didn't followed/unfollowed that person repeatedly.. without putting much thoughts I followed her and I also think that that person doesn't want any harm to her so everyone has nothing to worry.. that's a person I don't know.. kekekeke"

Chanyeol also makes sure that he is not dating at this time due to his work and even promises that he will not disappoint the fans in the future. Finally, he expresses, "Although I don't want to talk about these things but I don't want to see you getting irritated and worried.. :)"

Meanwhile, the rumor started when Chanyeol followed Lily Maymac and the latter made a followback. Last month, fans claim that Chanyeol and Lily unfollowed each other but on March 3, Chanyeol followed her back again. Since then, the model has been bombarded by hateful comments. Some EXO-Ls are bashful while others are apologizing on their behalf.