It's Friday and fans can't wait to get their weekly dose of Irene and Bogum's cute interactions!

However, this week, the two adorable hosts who make an amusing pair had quite a cute teasing moment. It all started when the two did a "yes" or "no" game. The person asked must only answer either "yes" or "no".

Park Bogum asks Irene, "Am I similar to your ideal type?", in which Irene replies "No". On the other hand, Irene asks Bogum "You are anticipating Red Velvet's stage because of me right?" Revengeful Bogum answers "No" as well.

Prior to this game, the two are about to introduce Brave Girls' song "Deepened" which title literally means "I Have Changed". Bogum and Irene start chanting the title and stare at each other like they are bickering and suggesting that they 'have changed' their previous answers. They are so cute, aren't they?