Previously, we have reported that both AOA's members Jimin and Seolhyun had apologized for lacking of history knowledge. According to news, once again they made their apology during the AOA's Showcase on May 16th.

As per news both Jimin and Seolhyun shed tears while apologizing to the public and fans for lacking of history knowledge during the interview session held in the showcase. Jimin stated that 'I'm sorry for disappointing you'.

However, although they have apologized sincerely, but based on the comments below, the K-Netizens weren't felt sorry or touched at all, moreover it seems like they just don't buying it at all, the worst part is that they continued to launch their harsh criticism on the members especially Jimin, nationwide via various well-known Korean News sites and portals such as Daum, Nate and Naver.

Below are some screen caps for translated comments by fans from K-netizens and photos from the AOA Showcase.