Following AOA's Jimin and Seolhyun's controversy regarding the lack of basic history knowledge, the hunt is on to bring down other celebrities. (Just a kinda hobby of typical netizens.)

This time, netizen digs an instance where IU didn't recognize Hwang Young Cho, an Olympic marathon gold medalist on her guest appearance from last year's episode of Infinite Challenge.

On the said episode, IU had to give out hints about Hwang Young Cho to her partner Park Myung Soo and the former had to guess it right for them to win. However, IU didn't know Hwang Young Cho and wasn't able to give any hints. That time, netizens criticized IU for not recognizing one of the only two Korean athletes to win gold at the Olympic marathon.

However, netizens react negatively to the intention and content of the post commenting that IU's case is too stretched out to be compared to the recent lack of knowledge controversy. Others even point out that sports and history are different matters. Fans are also mad and defend IU while most of them brush it off like "I don't know Hwang Young Cho too.","This isn't a problem. It's okay.","Not a big deal to begin with."