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Recently K-netizens had a discussion about the appearance of SNSD's member Yuri by comparing a photo taken in 2008 and a recent photo of Yuri, in the online community 'Pann'. Check out their comments below, and tell us what do you think?
  • [+41 -47] Yuri looks really natural kk, She does not age.
  • [+40 -11] One of the reasons why Yoona included Yuri in the five SM Ent beauties. Because Yuri had a lot of male fans during Genie kk. The fan chants really no joke.
  • [+39 -11] Most people choose other members as the face of SNSD, but it's Yuri for me.
  • [+20 -6] I have never seen anyone that beautiful, without looking plastic...
  • [+19 -1] Put plastic surgery aside, people's appearance usually vary as they age. It's really seldom to remain the look the same as her kk. Interesting.
  • [+11 -6] She is cute and charismatic